An island of heat

Hawaii is the most recent state that has joined at the United States of America. It’s located in the North Pacific.

Hawaii is the only country made of islands. It has eight islands, for example: Hawaii, which is the biggest, or Mavi, the valley isle.

The temperature in Hawaii is tropical, it is normally very hot. In winter temperatures are around 28 grades and in summer around 31 grades. They have lots of volcanos, if you like geography you can go there.

Hawaii wildlife is not very large. It has some typical animals like Hawaiians birds: this birds are small, they are black and yellow and they have a long bill. What else? They have sharks because the water of the sea is very hot.

Hawaii has 1.431.603 people. They have traditional costumes: the costume is that they have to wear a necklace made of flowers. If you want to go there you will pay with dollars.

Do you want to go to Hawaii now? If you want to go you will be brown, if you are bored of winter you can go to Hawaii! In Hawaii all the year is hot, it is like here in summer. And if you want to learn English you can go too, if you like surfing good it is the best place to learn it.

If I were you I would like to go to Hawaii now.

Mar Sugranyes



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