The riddle of black-white mansion experience

One day, I received an invitation to spend Halloween Eve with my friends in a luxurious mansion. When we arrived, we saw an old building.

The walls were grey and some windows were broken. We decided to go inside and stood in a big hall. Suddenly, the doors closed and we were trapped. The lights flashed and I saw Sophie’s and Max’s scared faces… But, where was Lisa?!

A voice appeared: “I have kidnapped your friend! If you ever want to see her again, you have to solve this riddle: “A woman shoots her husband and holds him under water. After a while, they both go out and have dinner. How can this be? If you don’t succeed, you’ll be trapped here forever!’’

Max answered: “There was no bullet, she didn’t kill him!”. The lights flashed…and Max disappeared. Sophie screamed: “The gun wasn’t real; she didn’t kill him!”. The lights flashed again and Sophie wasn’t there. After a minute I had the answer: ‘’She shot her husband with a camera and then developed the photo. There was no gun!’’.

The doors opened and my friends appeared next to a strange, old woman. She was laughing: “Congratulations, you have solved the riddle of Black-White Mansion Experience. I hope you enjoyed our attraction!”

I couldn’t believe it had just been a practical joke…!

Rut Aliagas, finalista Young Shakespeare 2019