Burning night

It was about 9 o’clock in the evening so the school halls were quiet dark. Mark and I were walking around. We were alone in our high school which is a big two floors building.

We were in silence because we didn’t share much interests, in fact we weren’t from the same year, he was a very athletic guy, tall and strong, he was the strongest person in the world compared to me. I’m not saying I was weak, I am small but agile. However none of us was smart, not even close.

Outside, there was a huge storm which had caused a power shutdown. We were almost at the main gate when we heard a very loud sound and some bricks coming out the wall, suddenly there was a slight-yellowish light, when we turned around we saw a huge and scary figure of what seemed magma. A second later it started running towards us. I jumped to a side, Mark started running towards the exit, the figure passed me by, I run when I saw what happened to Mark.

I was running with the monster chasing me when I got to the outside gate, I quickly jumped over the gate. At that point the monster was really close. As I was running away suddenly a truck run over me.

Víctor Martos, finalista Young Shakespeare 2019