Dark night

It was a dark night, it was drizzling and it was very cold. The streets were empty. Suddenly I had a bad feeling. I knew that something bad was going to happen.

My mum was driving me home when all of a sudden a strange figure appeared in the middle of the road. We crashed.

I opened my eyes slowly. I was in a damp place, covered in dirt and bruises. Unexpectedly, a shadow appeared by my side. It was a diabolical creature, its face expressed pain and its eyes were big and shiny. It was staring at me, as if it wanted something from me. I looked at it defiantly although I was terrified. The beast pounced on me. I started to run towards the forest next to the road. My legs hurt, I couldn’t bear it any longer. Then I tripped and fell. The creature was a few meters away from me. I closed my eyes sightly.

I heard a sharp whiting sound in my head. When I opened my eyes I was on a bed in a bright room, there was a small window, and when I looked through it I saw the big shiny eyes staring at me. A chill ran down my spine.

Olga Aliagas, finalista del Young Shakespeare 2019