On the other side

I woke up. I was laying on my bed… but something was different. It was late at night; there was no light, no noise but the creaking floor, the howling wind… I tried to get up but something was tying me to the bed. Handcuffs?

I managed to escape from that place, running through the city. Suddenly I recognised someone and a voice whispering kill him. I don’t know how but I turned into a beast, my heart beating was so fast, my lungs were breathing wildly… The last thing I remember was myself covered in blood.

It was like an obsession. Nothing could help me to calm down but the excitement of witnessing the last moments of someone’s life and imagining what was on the other side. And the closest moment to that feeling was then.

Now the police are searching for me. There are no more tricks, no more games. I feel like my moment has arrived. Most people try to escape from their fate, but I wouldn’t. And while I felt a bullet going through my brain I knew I could finally rest in peace, knowing that the truth was waiting for me on the other side.

Èlia Pàmies, guanyadora del Young Shakespeare 2019.