Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, when we express our love for our family and friends. In Attic we have organised different activities and handicrafts throughout the week, the best way for our kids to learn new vocabulary, improve their artistic skills and have fun!




Esther and Mireia created heart necklaces with their handicrafts group, the youngest in the academy. The kids had so much fun colouring their paper hearts, cutting them out and hanging them on a lace.




Laia’s handicrafts group (1th & 2nd Primary), also made some heart necklaces, but they decorated them with some colour papers too.

Valentine’s cards

Some groups made a Valentine’s card.

2nd and 3rd Primary worked with the adjectives on their Valentine’s cards. First they made a list with the most common adjectives to describe their feelings for their beloved ones and then they designed their cards.

Esther’s classes designed a completely different love card!

Hearts with messages 

Marina’s groups (4th Primary and Handicrafts) also learned some new vocabulary writing messages on their hanging hearts. They wrote the names of their family members and friends and some words to describe their feelings for them.






A heart map

4th Primary designed with their teacher, Mireia, a map of their heart. It is a paper heart that when you open it you can read a list of the owner’s favourite things: his o her favourite food, animal, family member, friend… another fun way to improve their writings skills!




A word search and a Valentine’s quiz

5th and 6th Primary learned a lot of new vocabulary with their activities. They started the class with a Valentine’s word search to warm up their Valentine’s skills and later they made two teams to play a Kahoot about Valentine’s.