The mysterious present

Laura Martínez is 11 years old. She has brown hair and her eyes are blue. She’s an extrovert girl. Laura likes to do sports and she loves reading action books.

This year Laura celebrated her birthday in the park with her friends from school. There were many kids. Some of them were playing football, others were playing on the slide. Others were eating biscuits and drinking soft drinks. On a table, Laura saw a lot of presents. Were they for her? In the middle of the table there was a very big and black present. This was for her. She slowly went towards the table.

As she got closer Laura heard a sound like “tic-tac-tic-tac”. Laura was very nervous and got scared. She thought: What is this? Is this a bomb? Laura opened the gift and she saw three electric wires and one timer, there was also a paper with instructions. Then Laura shouted “Danger, it is a bomb!”. “Quickly, run!!”. When the people were very far, Laura wanted to open the present. There were three colored wired. Red, blue and yellow.

She cut the yellow wire but the timer did not stop…suddenly lots of confetti flew through the air. Laura took a deep breath. Maybe she should stop reading action books.

Pau Merchán, finalista del Young Shakespeare 2019